Picnic at Hanging Rock

Based on the novel by Joan Lindsay, newly adapted for the stage by Tom Wright

"Picnic at Hanging Rock", adapted by Tom Wright from the novel by Joan Lindsay.

In one of the great unsolved mysteries of the 20th century, a group of female students go on a trip to Hanging Rock on Valentine's Day - a landmark in the vastness of Australia. When four of them go to explore the rock three of them disappear without a trace! The event leads to rumours and recriminations. Long-suppressed truths, desires and obsessions surface which shake the late-Victorian order of the school and tear lives apart. Written in 1967, and based on a true story, Joan Lindsay's classic novel - adapted in 2016 for 5 actresses - looks at the destruction caused when mankind tries to regulate wild emotions.Organization: B.G.T. English Theatre Company / Collaboration: neimënsterCredentials: Tony Kingston - metteur en scène / Karl Pierce - designer avec: Laura Lizak, June Lowery, Gina Millington, Céline Planata, Martina Sardelli / Produit et arrangé par "Nick Hern Books"


Mi 25 April 2018 20:00 Salle Robert Krieps


neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster


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Picnic at Hanging Rock
J. Lowery