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Vamos Cuba!

Those enthralled by the colour, vibrance and energy of Havana Rakatan when it was performed at the Grand Théâtre in 2012, will be delighted that the creators of the smash-hit dance sensation are back with Vamos Cuba!. This spectacular production by acclaimed choreographer Nilda Guerra embodies the special Cuban relationship with music and rhythm.

Set in the crazy chaos of Havana airport, where families are parted, lovers reunited, and time flies: this is a place of new beginnings and old romances, where reality calls and dreams take flight. Experience the joys and vibrancy of Cuban life with all the passion and humour that embodies the Cuban spirit.

Vamos Cuba! is brought to life by the best dancers Cuba has to offer. They elegantly embrace an exuberant mix of traditional and modern dance styles including salsa, rumba, cha-cha-cha and reggaeton, moving to live music from a band led by Julito Padron.

» Cuba is back in business and bursting to show you a good time. Irresistible. Sunday Express

Dancers Javier Aguilera, Luis Carricaburu, Robermi Carreras, Lazaro Joao Aguilera, Yelda Leyva, Susell López, Jenny Nocedo, Yoanis Pelaez, Katia Pèrez, Yanisley Prado, Yarima Rodriguez, Yaima Santana, Yusleivy Vega, Leandro Zulueta Singers Maikel Ante & Geidy Chapman
Trumpets Thommy García, Alejandro Delgado
Trombone Yoandy Argudín
Saxophone & Clarinet Alejandro Calzadilla
Guitar Pavel Lorenzo
Bass Harold González
Piano Isabel Mesa
Percussion & DJ Mary Paz Fernández
Drum Kit Rodney Barreto Artistic Director & Choreographer Nilda Guerra
Musical Director Rodney Barreto Set Design Adam Wiltshire
Costume Design Celia Ledón & Lisandra Ramos Martinez
Sound Design Gaston Briski
Lighting Design Guy Hoare Production Sadler's Wells
Co-produced with BB Promotion, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg & Birmingham HippodromeJeudi 16 NOVEMBRE 2017 à 20h00 (tickets)
 Vendredi 17  NOVEMBRE 2017 à 20h00 (tickets)
DURÉE 2h15 & entracteAdultes 25 , 20 , 15 / Jeunes 8 / Kulturpass bienvenu Lieu: Grand Théâtre / Grande Salle


Th 16 November 2017 20:00 Horaire


Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg
1 Rond-point Schuman



(c) Johan Persson