Project O


A contemporary dance performance for young audiences (from 4 years old)
Dance, live music, video

Project O is a charming performance made of games and surprises!

Three dancers and one musician embark on a path with obstacles on their quest for the moon. They move within a theatrical space composed of lights, images, sounds and games. The audience can free their imagination and let themselves be carried away into a dreamlike world. Choreographic and musical compositions have been inspired by the perfectly round shape of the moon. Moments inspired by reality alternate with magical and abstract elements.

As a dance performance for audiences starting from 4 years of age, Project O wants to offer magical moments, some more abstract, in contrast with some realistic and concrete elements.

"Playing, mistaking, searching, making friends, being surprised, questioning, being energetic or tired…all are elements from children’s daily life that we would like to represent on stage." (Rajivan Ayyappan, artistic director)


Direction/Concept Rajivan Ayyappan
Choreography Emanuela Iacopini, Yuko Kominami
Performance Emanuela Iacopini, Yuko Kominami,
Samuel Meystre Sound Design Rajivan Ayyappan,
Emre Sevindik, Thomas Tello Light Design Nico Tremblay
Interactive Media Design Matsuo Kunihiko
External Advisor Laurent Dupont

Support Sacem Luxembourg, Japan Foundation
Coproduction TRAFFO_CarréRotondes,
Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois


Age 4+
Length 40 Minutes
Maximum audience 150
No text

Touring Team
3 dancers
1 musician
1 sound technician
1 light technician
1 production manager

Further Information

Angélique D’Onghia
Chargée de production TRAFFO
T (352) 2662 2007