Jungala was inspired by the jungles of India and by the painting “The sleeping gypsy” by Henry Rousseau. I began imagining a new story and arrived at this title which in Sanskrit means «wild land», and that can also be understood as "dense earth" like a jungle, or as "dry land" like a desert. Plants and trees occupy a very important place in our life. Many generations pass by them. Every death of a tree brings another mysterious story, mostly untold. What if the trees started telling us what they saw and how they pass through life? It would be quite a great time for any child to hear. Perhaps this could be one among many reasons why we have so many generations of novels about trees and plants, fabulous fables, stories, songs, and myths making the tree a time honored metaphorical resource in our thinking. This was the context of our thinking process: an aged tree in communication with the young audience, telling events, stories.

Jungala is a contemporary performance for children from 4 to 8 years of age. An interdisciplinary piece where music, light, visuals, and movement combine to create a thrilling performance. An old tree now living in the desert tells stories of when it used to live in a dense green jungle. Two dancers and two musicians move in a performance space made of intriguing images and sounds while viewers are carried away in a mysterious world !


Direction, concept Rajivan Ayyappan
Choreography Emanuela Iacopini
Sound design Sascha Ley, Rajivan Ayyappan
Material devised and performed by Jeanna Serikbayeva Larosche, Emanuela Iacopini (alternating with Julie Barthélémy), Sascha Ley, Rajivan Ayyappan
Video projections Matsuo Kunihiko
Light design Nico Tremblay
Costume design Carmen Di Pinto

Production coordinator Guillaume Arnal
Tour manager Bota Serikbaeva
Production VEDANZA
Coproduction Mierscher Kulturhaus, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois - TROIS C-L


Bota Serikbaeva (Tour manager) or +352 621 176 263