Yuko Kominami

Mayu is a solo dance piece with a live music performance. The piece is about rebirth (rebecoming) - a life-death spiral or rather a rhizome. The title Mayu means “river” in Quechua (the language from the Andes) and in Japanese the same word means “silkworm cocoon”. The piece tries to embark on a journey in this river of life-death that goes in and out of the womb-cocoon again and again.

The dance and music play organically in this universe. They remain in the simplicity of performance in itself resorting to a minimalistic environment supported only by a delicate light design. It is an exploration of dance and sound in their core forms. This is carried out by letting them unfold themselves into movements through different landscapes. In the process at times dancer’s body metamorphoses into different materials and the musician periodically alters from unity to multiplicity. Therefore the solo performances can take forms of group
performances that consist of different molecules, creatures and elements creating their own communicative universe. There is no more loneliness but only conversations - the love that swims up the river.



Choreography & Performance Yuko Kominami
Music Tomás Tello Light Elric Vanpouille

Coproduction Centre Culturel Régional Opderschmelz
Support Fondation Indépendance, Centre de Création
Chorégraphique TROIS C-L, Ministère de la Culture


Length 30 Minutes

Touring Team
1 dancer/choreographer
1 musician
1 light designer

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Yuko Kominami