The THEATER FEDERATIOUN pursues the promotion of the Luxembourgish performing arts sector abroad and seeks to foster international networking of Luxembourgish artists and cultural institutions. Every year, it supports one french-speaking play at the Festival OFF in Avignon as well as one german-speaking production at the FRiNGE Festival, a festival for interdisciplinary productions at the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen. Both festivals promote new forms of theatre as well as alternative performances from all over the world. The presence of Luxembourgish performances give the festival audiences the opportunity to discover the performing arts sector of the Grand-Duchy.

With the aim of promoting the Luxembourgish performing arts sector abroad, the THEATER FEDERATIOUN also attends the Internationale Tanzmesse NRW in Düsseldorf (Germany), a biennial marketplace and festival platform for communicating and networking in the field of contemporary dance. By attending this large international event, Luxembourgish dancers and choreographers, as well as cultural institutions programming dance, become integrated in an international artistic exchange where Luxembourg can position itself as a country of dance.


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© Aada Niilola
© Aada Niilola