The THEATERFEST 2017 occupies the street to pave the way.

To all bystanders from Luxembourg, the Place Clairefontaine turns into a huge open-air scene so as to introduce shows of the new grand-ducal theater and dance program. Here, no place is given in advance, no spectators in an auditorium, nor actors on a stage. There is rather a strong will of giving to live performing arts a chance to go further than their usual walls and to show them in a new light.

As a discovery space and as a representative of the “made in Luxembourg » creation, which is rich of numerous languages and various influences, the Theaterfest is empowered to puzzle, to trouble, to make laugh, run and dance. By suggesting extracts from different dramaplays, projections, public readings, dance and theatre workshops, but also world cuisine and meetings with performers and designers from the Grand-Duchy, this day should satisfy (maybe more…) everyone’s desires.


The opening of the theatre season 2018 will take place on September 15th at Grand Rue. More infos soon!