Kulturhaus Niederanven


The municipality of Niederanven with its 5700 inhabitants lies about 10 km northeast of the capital Luxembourg. The Kulturhaus Niederanven is situated in the middle of a 75 are green park and consists of two connected buildings, the former private house of the family Thorn and the new building.

The Kulturhaus Niederanven works on its colourful programme with professional artists and cultural creators, with the public cultural institutions of the country, schools, the “maisons relais”, youth centres and other social organisations and associations and reaches out to anyone who is willing to be enthusiastic about and feel enchanted by music and art, theatre and literature, dance and film.

At the Kulturhaus Niederanven art and culture are not only supposed to be shown to an audience, but people of all ages can actively take part in workshops and projects to discover and further develop their own artistic creativity.

The distance between artist and non-artist is supposed to give way to a mutually beneficial dialog and exchange to turn the Kulturhaus Niederanven into an open house of culture and joy.


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