Cube 521


The Cube 521 is a forum for cultural creators from Luxembourg and its neighbours, a versatile meeting place that organises events of high quality. A diverse programme from all areas of the arts convinces audiences with its high quality and makes the Cube 521 a place to discover.

The Cube for the region
First-rate productions of high quality take the audience on a journey full of adventures into the world of the arts. Music, theatre, exhibitions and dance all being under the same roof, open up new perspectives and horizons.

The region at the Cube
The Cube 521 offers active cultural members of the region a platform for “their art”. Young and old invite audiences to a creative experience.

Young Cube
Young people have a right to cultural education. We happily accept this mission by offering a wide range of possibilities to audiences of the future, children and adolescents, which is something we feel very passionate about.

The Cube on wheels
We bring culture to those who cannot come to us. We deliver “culture on wheels” to old people’s homes and schools.

“De klenge Maarnicher Festival” at the Cube
The success of the legendary festival is at the root of the Cube 521. After 25 years the concert’s festivals find a new home at the Cube 521.

The Cube as a conference centre
The multifunctional theatre can be transformed into a modern conference room thanks to excellent equipment. Surrounded by the beautiful environment of the Ardennes this pleasant and convenient meeting place provides room for conferences and congresses.