CAPE - Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck

© Didier Pruvot
© Didier Pruvot


The CAPe – Centre des Arts Pluriel d’Ettelbruck – was opened in September 2000. Today it counts as one of the most important venues in Luxembourg.

The programme is divided into two sections: Variatio delectat and Hinc et nunc, the programme of the local cultural societies.

Variatio delectat follows a set of specifications that has already been established for the opening of the venue and whose motto has always been that of “diversity”. At the CAPe national and international professional artists present their work. The CAPe was not primarily intended to be a house of production but rather one of presentation that opens its doors for events. The house is taking part in a number of coproductions that are then presented on its premises. With about 90 events a season variatio delectat allows the audience to enjoy classic representations of the main forms of art but also to discover new and innovative possibilities.

Another main focus of variatio delectat lies on the CAKU programme for children, that was brought into existence in collaboration with the Mierscher Kulturhaus. We do not only see culture as wonderful entertainment, but also as a possibility to discover new things and to question the known and familiar, or to see the world that surrounds us with different eyes.

Hic et nunc demonstrates the dynamic societal life within the region. Every season it offers popular and highly anticipated events that are a vital part of life within the community.

As one of the pioneering houses of the cultural decentralisation in Luxembourg at the time of its opening, the CAPe is making a valuable contribution to the development of the cultural sector in the Grand Duchy.


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