Who would not be familiar with this light refracting, crystal reflecting metal tube that shows us a completely new reflection and therefore a new image of contemplation with even the slightest rotation. The KALEIDOSCOPE – a constantly changeable depiction of our perception. A theatre of contemplation, an examination of the contemplated, the new perceptions that can always be reinterpreted.

Promoting new literature, performing pieces for the first time or replicating them, at the same time releasing older works as parallel productions, comparing situations within the often geographically and chronologically diverging circumstances. And exclusively focusing on man with his joys, fears, sadness, despair and happiness, who has become an immortal being to us through the kaleidoscopic view.

The KALEIDOSKOP-THEATER focuses on the discovery of new theatrical texts and offers the thrilling encounter with young (and those who are still young at heart) directors, actors and actresses, as well as musicians. A theatre depicting a range of emotions of human conflict, ranging from roaring laughter to empathetic crying.