La Compagnie du Grand Boube


Having finished their studies in Brussels in the early 2000s, Carole Lang & Mani Muller already formed an experimental creative couple, his expertise being in the field of writing, poetry and video, hers in the field of theatrical performance and directing. From their collaboration with the actress Bach-Lan Lê-Bà Thi a series of theatrical projects exploring the notion of the interior universe in a given space was born. Peggy Wurth (costume designer) and Jérôme Varanfrain (actor) joined the trio in 2004-2005.

Being strong in their training, experiences and affinities, they founded the Compagnie du Grand Boube, which above all considers itself to be a European association and focuses on working with artists of diverse origins and cultures. Furthermore, the phrase that juxtaposes the French word “compagnie” and the made-up proper noun “Boube” whose sound refers to the German word “Bube” (common noun meaning boy, naughty kid, young man) leads back to relationships with Luxembourg, country of origin (or choice) of the members of the company and an ambiguous and provisional cultural entity, inserted between two large, well-defined, durable and influential neighbours.

No art pairs up better with Luxembourg than theatre, which, as we know, is the place par excellence when it comes to the ambiguous and provisional: the stage generates and abolishes identity, the effect of reality deceives and disappoints, opening up the opportunity to explore our dark side.

Since 2007 the company is based in Luxembourg, where they collaborate with the Grand Théâtre and the CarréRotondes whilst continuing to work on projects with its partners in France and Belgium.

The name of the company is an allusion to childhood, on the one hand the origin of creation, on the other that of the personal and collective subconsciousness; the name also points towards the mischievous humour associated with “immaturity”, a term coined by Witold Gombrowicz, a reference author.