TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

© Mathieu Rousseau
© Mathieu Rousseau


TROIS C-L is a place for creation, promotion and lifelong learning on the choreographic field. It is reserved to professional dancers and choreographers from or residing in Luxembourg, which focus their work on contemporary creations.


Supporting choreographers in the process of creation is done on three levels:

  • Production level: The TROIS C-L grants financial support to professional contemporary choreographic projects. Furthermore, artists can get support from TROIS C-L's logistical, administrative and technical team.
  • Promotion level:  One one hand, the TROIS C-L develops a diffusion and exchange program with different national and international partners, in particular with the help of a residence program put in place with numerous other structures. On the other hand, the TROIS C-L collaborates with the national theaters in order to present choreographic works, co-produced by TROIS C-L.
  • Lifelong learning level: The TROIS C-L offers choreographic and technical trainings to professionals of performing arts. This includes dance and other activities dealing with performing arts.

Raising the awareness of the public to contemporary dance is operated on two levels:

  • Promotion level: A bi-annual brochure informs about the program of the TROIS C-L's co productions, as well as informal presentations of work in progress, final workshop presentations or exchange residency creations, that are staged.
  • Lifelong learning level: The TROIS C-L put in place a program of dance trainings and workshops for an adult public from beginners to advanced amateur dancers as well as a program with workshops for kids.