Neimënster – Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster



The CCRN Abbey of Neumünster, a major historical site of Luxembourg City, is an impressive architectural achievement that has witnessed four centuries of historical upheaval. Former Benedictine abbey, former military bastion, former prison (namely during occupation by the Nazis), it is located in the old quarters on an itinerary classified as World Heritage by the UNESCO.

It is composed of a Benedictine abbey, founded in 1606, which is flanked by a building from the period of the Prussian garrison’s presence and a construction from the early 20th century. The centre thus benefits from a scenography worthy of the most extraordinary productions. In the summer, this spectacular location with the rock face, the casemates and the rivulet Alzette making its way through the valley (according to popular myth the beautiful Melusina surfaced from its depths), serves as background to the international music festival OMNI and occasionally to big stage productions.

Robert Krieps, the former Minister of Justice and Culture, was in the custody of the Nazis at the age of 17 on these premises due to his resistance to the Nazi regime. It was his idea to transform the prison into a cultural centre; the auditorium with seating for 300 people thus was named after him. This room is equipped for concerts, dance productions, film screenings, conferences and plays. The international humor festival "Humour pour la Paix" annually takes up residence in this hall during the second half of March. The two Jazz festivals "Piano Plus" and "Autumn Leaves" have forged the abbey’s reputation of being a Mecca for Jazz music aficionados.