Objectives and tasks

The THEATER FEDERATIOUN is the Luxembourgish federation of performing arts. It brings together professional theatres and ensembles, cultural centres and independent and intermittent artists of Luxembourg. Altogether, the THEATER FEDERATIOUN has 22 members.

Since it was founded in 1996, the aim of THEATER FEDERATIOUN has been to defend the interests of its members, to provide a space for cooperation and dialogue, and to be the main contact for the performing arts area towards political decision-makers in Luxembourg.

By taking independent and intermittent artists under its wings in 2017, the THEATER FEDERATIOUN became a representative for the entire performing arts area, allowing for everyone from single artists to big stages to speak with one voice.

Through its organisation in "Collèges" (Big Theatres; Small Theatres and Ensembles; Cultural Centres; and Performing Arts Professionals), the THEATER FEDERATIOUN deals with the topics and challenges that touch the performing arts area. In particular, it promotes Luxembourgish theatre and dance abroad and inside the country.

The THEATER FEDERATIOUN thus contributes to supporting and developing the professionalism and attractiveness of Luxembourg's theatre and choreography landscape. Its objective is to be a true strong player in terms of cultural politics.

Furthermore, the THEATER FEDERATIOUN supports its members in promoting their artistic programmes. A main promotional tool is the monthly publication "Theaterzeitung“, enclosed in the major daily and weekly newspapers and presenting the current programme of the members. The website of the THEATER FEDERATIOUN contains the complete programme of all the members for the whole season.